Robinson Crusoe

This week, Preston and I started reading the unabridged version of “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe. Told in first person, Robinson shares his wanderlust and his penchant for adventure and leaving what his father calls the “middle way” of life. If he stays home, he’ll benefit from his family’s comfortable standard of living, but, if he follows his dream of adventure, his father warns him, he’ll be inviting disaster.

As you might already know, Robinson does indeed forfeit the comfortable lifestyle he might have enjoyed had he stayed home. I’ve read this book twice before, with Lucy and Benjamin, and am enjoying it now even more than each time before. It’s rife with quotable comments. I’d love for you to join us in reading it. The lessons Robinson shares are applicable to any life… We need to listen to those initial whisperings of our consciences because, when we ignore them, we build up a resistance to hearing them. Robinson ruefully narrates his wishes about having listened to his father’s warnings before endeavoring off on his own.

You’ll see in the map below the various places Robinson intentionally chose to visit as well as those he was forced into visiting.

Source: Anne Huitt

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