My friends and family know I love to cook. As a child, my mom taught me to cook and bake from scratch using whole foods. My dad, too, has embraced cooking as my grandmother was gifted with culinary abilities. We cooked often and well. To this day, much of our conversation is about food. We love to eat! And, today, I love to share great recipes with my friends and family. High-quality ingredients and tools are a big part of what makes a meal incredible, and I want to share my favorites with you.

Until recently, I was unaware of the need to demand the same high-quality, healthy¬†ingredients in my personal care and beauty products that I’d come to expect in culinary ingredients. Upon gaining an awareness of the toxins lurking in conventional products, I immediately felt compelled to change the products my family uses, to raise awareness and share with others about the hope we have in companies creating effective alternatives, and to advocate for cleaning up the personal care industry. ¬†As an independent consultant and Executive Director with Beautycounter, I’ve been able to educate my loved ones and their loved ones, opening eyes to critical information that is largely tucked away, while also using my accounting and business background to build a strong, successful enterprise.

Join me on my journey through great recipes, building a business with heart, and cleaning up your skincare routines.

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